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Jason & Cal: Sensual Seduction


Calling up StraightMenXXX.com, I told them I needed to do another scene; the shoot with Rock "Hard" Wood went pretty well and the guy on guy stuff wasn't all that bad. Meeting Cal Sommers at the director's house, we went over stuff we could do, and then headed to the B&B. Cal said he really isn't that experienced so I said I would kinda lead the scene; my mind went to my girlfriend's body and what I like to do with her.

Starting in the shower, I lathered up my hands and worked them on Cal's backside, sliding down between his legs. Moving to the bed, I straddled him and rubbed his back, then told him to remove his robe. Using my hands and mouth to massage and explore, I noticed after a bit that Cal was lifting his torso to meet my lips. I know from my girlfriend, this is when the fantasies start; I licked all over, including his feet. At first, he just laughed, then I felt his breathing get deeper; I rolled him over. Putting my face in his groin, he told me, "it doesn't show but, fuck;" I do enjoy the challenge. Taking Cal into my mouth was different, he has a lot of hair, but I liked the scent. Knowing just what a guy likes, I told him to, "feed it to me;" I think it was the first time he face-fucked someone. After a bit, he really got into rolling his hips to meet my face and I thought I was gonna choke so, I pushed him down on the bed and sucked him that way. Lubing my hand, I jerked him off until he tightened his body, Cal grabbed his dick, and shot onto my cheek; the jizz rolled into my mouth. Feeling his body as he blew got me hard; I lie on the bed and got ready to nut. Cal slid his arm around me and looked on. Blasting to my chest, it was a satisfying sensation to say the least.



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