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A Little Whiter for the Wear


Jacob's background story is somewhat familiar; he is here for the cash, only. Apparently, he has filmed gay-for-pay porn before, but it's been a few years. When asked why he's back at it, Jacob tells us that he got his girlfriend "knocked up" and needs the money. We were just going to do his solo today but Jacob says he was hoping to make a little more than what it pays. He's going to have to do more than a solo, but first we need to see if he's worth it.

Jacob removes his shirt and unzips his pants to show us "the goods." "Sure you don't want to bottom?" Jacob has such a fine ass, but he says, "no." As he works up his cock, I asked if he would let another guy suck him, "sure" he responds. I know Aiden is waiting to do his shoot for another scene and asked if he wanted to suck a straight boys dick. I bring Aiden back to do Jacob. As Aiden eyes Jacob hardened cock, he barely says, "hello" and jumps right on that cock. Aiden starts licking like it's an ice cream cone, melting on the hottest summer day.

Aiden moves up Jacob, not only worshiping his cock, but all of his body. When I ask him how Aiden is doing, he says, "good;" certainly looks good from here. I admit Jacob Wood is well named; his cock is thick, cut and as hard as a rock, as Aiden strokes and sucks. Jacob starts breathing hard and moaning as he gets to that "happy place;" Aiden just keeps devouring Jacob's meat. I tell Jacob, "that is one beautiful penis" as it gets harder and harder; it's even bringing tears to Aiden's eyes. Jacob stretches out and lies back; Aiden can now work from a more "head on" approach.

Zooming in for a nice close-up of Jacob's cock as it is being worked over by Aiden, Jacob is starting to show that "where do you want it look?" With Aiden's abilities, and the added pleasure of his tongue ring, Jacob's panting increases and his abs tense, "I'm cumming" Jacob moans. At first, Aiden is content to let the jizz splash up on his cheek, but can't help but go in for a taste. Both end up with smiles on their faces and Aiden is a "little whiter for the wear."



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